Diffendorf Family Events - 2019


1stNew Year's Day
2ndLeah's 9th birthday
4thJessica and Gary's 16th anniversary
Jenny Lovaglia's birthday
16thJackie's birthday
30thGayle's birthday


6thLily Short's 12th birthday
10thBobby's birthday
17thCathy's birthday
23rdTony Lovaglia's birthday


2ndJosh's 20th birthday
3rdBen's 27th birthday
9thMaggie's 13th birthday
16thKatie's birthday
17thSt. Patrick's Day
23rdAbbie's 24th birthday


2ndLogan's 16th birthday
8thLindsey's 25th birthday
16thChelsea's birthday
17thMatt's birthday
25thEmma's 7th birthday
30thBilly III's birthday


8thNoah's 7th birthday
11thJacob's 10th birthday
15thNick's 22nd birthday
16thFred's birthday
17thEli's 24th birthday
18thMarchie's birthday


2ndBill Jr.'s birthday
6thGrace's 23rd birthday
7thRichie Jr.'s 17th birthday
8thIan's 14th birthday
9thJenny and Tony's 29th anniversary
10thJack and Becky's 41st anniversary
11thJackie and Fred's 25th anniversary
13thMick's 19th birthday
16thSam's 19th birthday
17thNate's 16th birthday
18thAmanda and Carl's 14th anniversary
21stBilly & Kelly's 11th anniversary
23rdHenry's 16th birthday
26thTori's 22nd birthday


2ndGrandma Diff's birthday
Eric's birthday
4thIndependence Day
8thSteve Saul Jr.'s 9th birthday
9thGary Short's birthday
10thMackenzie's 25th birthday
13thShelly's birthday
15thKimmie's birthday
17thConnie and Gary's 54th anniversary
19thJack Diffendorf's birthday
Stacey's birthday
Jessica's birthday
24thDrew's 15th birthday
27thSteve and Maura's 17th anniversary
30thKaren's birthday
31stTheresa's birthday


2ndBill and Cathy's 51st anniversary
3rdMaura's birthday
10thSteve Terry's birthday
16thMarchie and Gayle's 50th anniversary
17thTom and Sandra's 51st anniversary
19thShannon and Ray's 24th anniversary
21stCaiden's 10th birthday


1stTyler's 7th birthday
2ndMary's birthday
4thTom and Suzanne's 25th anniversary
9thKelley's birthday
15thJack Sullivan's 23rd birthday
17thAustin's 21st birthday
19thSuzanne's birthday
22ndMary and Steve's 29th anniversary
27thBecky's birthday
30thConnie's birthday


1stTom Jr.'s birthday
Steve Saul Sr.'s birthday
2ndSteve Smith's birthday
4thShannon's birthday
Stacey & Steve's 11th anniversary
9thSarah's birthday
19thSandra's birthday
Kyle's 12th birthday
23rdTony Burns's birthday
25thShelly and Steve's 33rd anniversary
Carl's birthday


1stKelly's birthday
3rdJack Torres's 15th birthday
8thKayla's 19th birthday
9thMolly's birthday
10thTom Sr.'s birthday
14thAllison's 27th birthday
Amanda's birthday
27thRichie Sr.'s birthday
30thGary Harding's birthday


1stSteve Haskell's birthday
Cody's 16th birthday
Connor's 16th birthday
20thRay's birthday
30thLily Smith's 13th birthday