About this site

Thanks for visiting the Smith Family Web site. It's maintained by me, Tom Smith, and I use it to:

There's some pictures on the right of the people who generally use this site: my family.

Technical Overview

In no particular order:

  • Most recent development: the images on the right are being served by Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFront. Yes, overkill. But pretty cool.
    • The origin of the images is an AWS S3 bucket.
  • This page is being hosted by an AWS EC2 instance that I set up.
    • Amazon Linux
    • Apache
    • PHP
    • To do: move my legacy MySQL instance from FatCow to RDS
  • I built the site with a homegrown CMS (PHP and MySQL). I'm pretty strict about using PHP in an object-oriented fashion.
  • I use NetBeans as my editor
  • Of course CSS, though I'm obviously not a designer, and I still cheat a lot using tables.
  • I've incorporated social login into the Pictures portion of the site.
  • The baseball site is relatively sophisticated. During baseball season I go out to a major sports information web site and retrieve ~400 players' stats pages on a daily basis. I parse the pages for stats and then calculate totals for the ~40 participants in the league. All of the participants have 13 players on their starting roster, and they're allowed to drop/add two players during the season. It gets more complicated than you might think. But, it keeps me out of trouble and it's a great source of entertainment for the family.


My Family

My Parents' Family

My Grandparents' Family (about 80 of us!)