Owners 2017

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RankNameTeam NamePtsY'dayRec.
1Nate BurnsWeezie's Winners89955182
2Kayla BurnsThe Burns Bangers89443208
3Steve HaskellSlats for Bats85087224
4Austin HaskellAustin's Big Sticks84331158
5Josh NicholsThe Geek Squad83043178
6Bill Diffendorf Jr.Billy's Bums82239170
7Sandra SmithPatchwork Diamonds80442213
8Lily SmithHanover Hawks78955191
9Allison HaskellHaskell Hackers78613143
10Ryan HagenGreat Danes78032199
11Maggie SullivanThe Horses77746144
12Billy Diffendorf IIIGoozer's Cadets77252194
13Mary HaskellRascal Haskells76954210
14Richie Diffendorf Sr.The Hunters76733139
15Tom Smith Sr.Ebbets Fielders76670153
16Tom Smith Jr.Duanesburg Dogs76423172
17Eric ReevesThe Rookie75665189
18Lindsey HaskellInjured Reserves75034117
19Mick SullivanMickey's Mantles74872146
20Ian SmithThe Bathawks73570150
21Jack DiffendorfJack of All Trades72916162
22Richie Diffendorf Jr.Hit to the Top72847115
23Logan HaskellEasy Win72235118
24Kelly DiffendorfTeam LMN70610127
25Cody DiffendorfCody's Big Hitters70140146
26Matt SmithThe Naturals70153185
27Jack SullivanThe Jackhammers69661117
28Shannon SullivanShannon's Shamrocks69117151
29Tony BurnsBinghamton's Best6908113
30Connie HardingConnie's Clubbers6883492
31Connor DiffendorfConnor's Big Buck68321114
32Marchie DiffendorfThe Buckstops Here68137114
33Sam SmithThe Grasshoppers67942127
34Henry SmithThe Eagles67811125
35Gary ShortEastbound & Down66743181
36Gayle DiffendorfFrosty's Flakes65020134
37Suzanne SmithAlbany Cardinals63917118
38Kimmie DiffendorfKimmie's Bust 'em Up6263111
39Jackie NicholsJ&J Fielder's Choice617365
40Maura SmithNew Hampshire Newts6152495
41Steve SmithThe Green Monsters61233111
42Dorothy DiffendorfDorothy Ruthless5822684
43Janet SmithTerrace Crows5721890
44Tori DiffendorfTori & Colton5462292