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Top 6
1Burns, Kayla122001201702319.17523
2Burns, Theresa220042005015020.00-
3Burns, Tony211997201802415.81588
4Diffendorf, Amanda31999200111213.33-
5Diffendorf, Becky4200020080110--
6Diffendorf, Ben171993201105120.41-
7Diffendorf, Bill Jr.261993201821816.92516
8Diffendorf, Bill Sr.15199820120100--
9Diffendorf, Billy III211998201821813.67644
10Diffendorf, Cathy201993201604122.45-
11Diffendorf, Connor82011201802122.38476
12Diffendorf, Dorothy261993201821319.12453
13Diffendorf, Gayle191993201802420.42412
14Diffendorf, Jack221993201808021.73-
15Diffendorf, Karen121996200711511.25638
16Diffendorf, Kelley81995200202111.75588
17Diffendorf, Kelly112007201807018.82567
18Diffendorf, Kimmie231994201702614.35600
19Diffendorf, Marchie191993201811121.16-
20Diffendorf, Richie Jr.112008201804115.36648
21Diffendorf, Richie Sr.141994201807018.71479
22Diffendorf, Tori8200120170150--
23Harding, Bobby101994201108018.10407
24Harding, Connie261993201802518.46472
25Harding, Eric131993201506120.69-
26Harding, Gary3200320060228.00-
27Haskell, Allison101998201811118.80516
28Haskell, Austin112008201811317.00536
29Haskell, Logan11200820180120-440
30Haskell, Mary1619972018041--
31Haskell, Steve151994201806117.13508
32Lovaglia, Abby6200620110170--
33Lovaglia, Gracie820062014061--
34Nichols, Eli14200120150100--
35Nichols, Fred1219942016061--
36Nichols, Jackie1120082018061--
37Nichols, Josh132006201804122.00475
38Saul, Stacey420032011012023.25412
39Saul, Steve4200820110210--
40Short, Gary162002201802416.88577
41Short, Jessica520012011111--
42Short, Lillian62007201204118.67570
43Smith, Henry11200820180190--
44Smith, Ian920092018031--
45Smith, Janet122007201802118.33575
46Smith, Matt2519942018211110.76699
47Smith, Maura72002201805122.14424
48Smith, Sam1720012018042--
49Smith, Sandra261993201811109.96715
50Smith, Steve241993201803221.17415
51Smith, Suzanne261993201811513.92602
52Smith, Tom Jr.2619932018111010.23708
53Smith, Tom Sr.261993201861147.23793
54Sullivan, Jack211997201802516.57567
55Sullivan, Maggie7201020170240--
56Sullivan, Mick122007201804118.83563
57Sullivan, Molly1220062018051--
58Sullivan, Ray221994201821812.09659
59Sullivan, Shannon241993201811319.42435
60Terry, Katie1200720070350--
61Terry, Nick3200920110310--
62Terry, Shelley2199520150120--
63Torres, Jack22005200807011.50-

Explanation of stat categories

Apps = "Appearances"

The number of times an owner has participated in the League.

Rookie Year

The first year that an owner participated in the League. The league's first year was 1993.


The number of times that an owner has won the League.

Best Finish

The highest position that an owner has ever finished.

Top 6 Finishes

The number of times that an owner has finished in the top 6 in the end-of-season standings. The League has historically paid the top 6 spots some portion of the pot, so the top six can be considered 'money spots'.

Avg Finish

The owner's average finishing place in the league. Please note that this statistic favors owners who have been in the league a long time, or who participated in the early years of the league, since there were far fewer participants in the league in the early years. Only average finishes of 24 or greater are displayed. The 'power rating' category is designed to normalize an owner's performance over the years, regardless of how many other owners were playing at the time.


An owner's rating represents his or her overall, historical performance relative to other owners.

Note: Owner ratings are calculated only for owners with at least four years of participation in the League, and only ratings of 400 or higher are displayed.

The rating is calculated by:

  1. Adding up the position that an owner has finished for every year he or she has participated in the league. For example, let's say an owner has participated in the League at total of 3 times, in 2002, 2003, and 2005. Let's say he finished 1st in 2002, 6th in 2003, and 18th in 2005. Then, his 'total finish' number would be 1 + 6 + 18 = 25.
  2. Let's say that in 2002 there were 25 participants, 22 in 2003, and 35 in 2005. Then, the 'total owners' number would be 25 + 22 + 35 = 82.
  3. Divide the total finishes (25) by the total owners (82) to get efficiency (0.305). Multiply by 1000 = 305. At this point, the lower the number, the better.
  4. Subtract the efficiency from 1000 so that the higher the number, the better: 1000 - 305 = 695.

Based on this system, the highest possible rating is 1000, and the lowest possible is 0.